Remote Development on Raspberry Pi with VS Code

Note: This requires VS Code Insiders. As much as I love the Raspberry Pi, I found developing code on it to be uncomfortable and sometimes cumbersome. Some great IDEs like Atom don't support ARM processors so can't be used on the raspberry Pi whereas others like Thonny are very basic (in my opinion). Also, the... Continue Reading →


Password-less SSH into Raspberry Pi with openSSH

Why do this? Entering passwords for each SSH connection can be annoying especially when you frequently switch between / start new SSH connectionsNeeded for remote development setups SSH into the Raspberry Pi (or any other computer) can be setup to be password-less but still secure via the use of SSH Keys. We will be using... Continue Reading →

The dual steering system and controllers

Welcome to my second post! Today we are looking into how the differential steering and Ackerman steering can be combined to produce a dual steering system - as discussed in the previous post, and how a suitable controller can be chosen to operate our robot. But before we plunge into combined steering mechanisms and wireless... Continue Reading →

Pi Wars 2019 – Initial Design Ideas

Pi wars is Raspberry Pi robotics competition that takes place at the Cambridge computer laboratory every year. Check out their┬ásite┬áto find out more. So finally, Pi Wars 2019 is here and this would be my first time participating in it. I am brainstorming ideas and features that would make the core of the robot and... Continue Reading →

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