Speed up your arduino sketch compilations!

Ever had your arduino IDE take many many minutes to compile even simple sketches? Well it may not be totally it's fault. Yes, the arduino IDE isn't the most efficient but sketches that should take less than 20 seconds to compile are taking about 3 minutes! The Source of the problem: Your Anti-Virus! Yes, your... Continue Reading →


Turnigy 9X dual steering setup + Intro to PPM

Welcome to the third post! Today we are going to setup the turnigy 9X mode switch and some mixes so that we can switch between ackerman and differential drive modes. We are also going to be delving into receiver (Rx) output signals and PWM Vs PPM. Note: Most other transmitters (Tx) also have this functionality... Continue Reading →

The dual steering system and controllers

Welcome to my second post! Today we are looking into how the differential steering and Ackerman steering can be combined to produce a dual steering system - as discussed in the previous post, and how a suitable controller can be chosen to operate our robot. But before we plunge into combined steering mechanisms and wireless... Continue Reading →

Pi Wars 2019 – Initial Design Ideas

Pi wars is Raspberry Pi robotics competition that takes place at the Cambridge computer laboratory every year. Check out their┬ásite┬áto find out more. So finally, Pi Wars 2019 is here and this would be my first time participating in it. I am brainstorming ideas and features that would make the core of the robot and... Continue Reading →

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